DIY Beauty Gifts | SPIRITPLATEI LOVE making my own skin care. I’ve been using honey (from a responsible source) on my face for a couple years now and I adore it. Honey has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that really keep my skin clear and fresh. A couple months back, I decided to test drive some more homemade skin care products. Now, having used them for several weeks, I can truly vouch for them. These three are my favorite and I think they’d make wonderful gifts. You can always search Pinterest for variations as there are TONS of DIY beauty ideas. Try some creative gift wrapping to make these look extra festive! 


Body Butter

1/4 cup shea or cocoa butter
1/4 cup coconut oil
10-15 drops of essential oil in your favorite scent(s)

Melt the butter and oil in a small bowl and whisk to incorporate fully. Whisk in the essential oil (I used vanilla to complement the scent of the cocoa butter). Pour in to a 4 oz.. mason jar and refrigerate until set. 

To use: Rub your fingers onto the surface of the butter and it will melt from the warmth of your skin. Apply liberally to dehydrated skin. (I’ve given a batch of this to my sister-in-law to use on her belly after recently giving birth. I think a peppermint scent would also be nice!)

Facial Cleansing Oil

2 tbsp castor oil
2 tbsp almond or olive oil
10-15 drops of essential oil in your favorite scent(s)

Mix thoroughly and store in your favorite bottle or jar. I used a maple syrup dispenser for easy use in the mornings.

[Note: This recipe is for normal skin. For dry skin, increase the carrier oil to 3 tbsp and reduce the castor oil to 1 tbsp. For oily skin, reduce the carrier oil to 1 tbsp and increase the castor oil to 3 tbsp.]

To use: You can use this oil to wash your face and to remove make up. Simply pour a few drops into your hands and rub all over your face. Wet a small face towel with hot water and place on your face to steam your skin and loosen the oils. Gently towel off the excess oil. You won’t believe how hydrated and soft your skin will feel! (This is also great for acne prone skin! I used lavender, tea tree, and grapefruit essential oils. Aly loves to use it as a beard oil as well.)

Coffee Scrub

1/4 cup your favorite espresso ground
1/4 cup raw local honey
1 tsp coconut or almond oil

Mix thoroughly and store in 4 oz. mason jar. Rub a little of the mixture over the inside rim of the mason jar lid to keep it from rusting. Store with your shower products. 

To use: In the shower, wet skin, then take half teaspoon of mixture into your hands and rub on any area that needs some extra scrubbing. I use this on my face and neck, as well as dry patches on my knees, elbows, and feet. Rub in thoroughly then rinse off with hot water. (I love using this in the mornings as the coffee scent wakes me up! My favorite espresso is a cheap one called Cafe Bustelo.)

For my holiday tree this year I wanted to move away from loud colors and plastic ornaments and focus on a more muted, yet festive look that would tie in together with my neutral bedroom. I’ve got pale blue-gray walls, dark wood furniture with white accents, so I decided on a woodland theme to sort of bring the outdoors in and remind me of all the beauty the wintertime has to offer! I’m by no means done decorating our room – but I have finished the tree! 

Easy Sustainable DIY Ornaments | SPIRITPLATEIsn’t she a beauty?! 

Easy DIY Sustainable Tree Ornaments | SPIRITPLATETo stick with the woodland, natural theme, I pulled inspiration from seasonal, easily found, and cheap materials – most of which I already had lying around:

  1. Cinnamon Sticks. Easy DIY Sustainable Ornaments | SPIRITPLATEAll you need is a little jute or twine to wrap a few cinnamon sticks into a bundle, et voila! A rustic look with a sweet and festive scent for your tree! As an alternative, you could glue cloves to round pieces of cardboard to make mini clove wreaths! 
  2. Dehydrated Fruit Slices. Sustainable Natural Ornaments | SPIRITPLATEI chose seasonal and cheap fruit – apples and oranges. I sliced them a 1/4 inch thick and set them at 130F in the dehydrator overnight. If you don’t have a dehydrator, you can do the same thing in the oven! Set the fruit on wire racks rather than a solid bottom tray and set your oven to 120-130F. Keep the fruit in the oven overnight and check them in the morning. I stuck ornament hooks easily through the fruit slices without damaging them – these are my favorite ornaments on the tree!
  3. Fallen twigs. Easy DIY Sustainable Ornaments | SPIRITPLATEI ran to my backyard and looked for fallen twigs to create my star. I cut each branch to the size I wanted, then using the same jute twine, I tied the ends together to create the star. I secured the backs of these knots with a drop of glue from a glue gun. I then used the twine to attach the star to the top of my tree, and strung some smaller lights around the branches to illuminate it. 
  4. Birdseed Cookies. Easy DIY Sustainable Ornaments | SPIRITPLATEA quick search on Pinterest shows there are tons of recipes for these birdseed ornaments. I used the recipes here and here for reference. I swapped the corn syrup out for honey, and the gelatin or breadcrumbs out for ground flaxseed, because I felt these ingredients were less harmful alternatives for wild birds and easier on their digestion. When the season is up and I take down my tree, I plan on placing these birdseed ornaments on the pecan tree Aly and I planted in our backyard for our wedding, ready for the birds that’ll come back in the springtime!
  5. Recycled Materials. Easy Sustainable DIY Ornaments | SPIRITPLATEOld clear glass ornaments or light bulbs make great translucent decorations. I filled mine with old glitter and beads I had leftover from other crafts and events using a kitchen funnel. For the ribbon I used a woven jute I had leftover from my sister-in-law’s bridal shower. For the tree skirt, I sewed together old plaid fabric I had lying around from college (I was a textiles major). I used the leftover fabric to sew matching pillows that I stuffed and placed on our bed to tie the room together. 

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Until tomorrow my lovelies!