5 Gift Subscription Ideas for Men

By December 7, 2015How To, Real

Subscriptions are awesome gifts! To find out why, read my 5 Gift Subscription Ideas for Women.

Disclaimer: These two lists are by no means mutually exclusive. You can choose a subscription from this list for a lady, or from the women’s list for a guy. Or anywhere in between! These two lists were curated based off of what Aly and I like. 

Here are my top picks for the gentleman:

  1. For the penny-pincher: Dollar Shave Club [$40/3 months]5 Subscription GIft Ideas for Men | SPIRITPLATEAly absolutely loves the Dollar Shave Club. You basically pay for an initial box with a handle and some shaving cream, and then just receive razors every month for a $1/blade. You can tailor the frequency to your liking including how often you get a new handle, what kind of blades, etc. The blades are so good, I use them too! We just ordered two handles and we get four blades every month, and they definitely last longer than just a week. I highly recommend this one! Get it here
  2. For the tinkerer: New Hobby Box [$30/month]5 Subscription GIft Ideas for Men | SPIRITPLATEIf the guy you’re buying for is the curious type, this is the perfect box for you. Every month he’ll receive a box with everything you need to learn the basics of a new hobby. This month is learning how to use a breadboard (electrical engineering). Past months include how to pick locks, how to assemble a survival kit, and how to brew cold brew coffee and loose-leaf tea. Get it here
  3. For the music-obsessed: Vinyl Me, Please [Starting: $27/month or gift: $99/3 months]5 Subscription GIft Ideas for Men | SPIRITPLATEEvery month he’ll get between 1-3 archival vinyls with an original art print, a cocktail recipe to pair with the music, and a bonus LP. Be sure he’s got a record player first! There are some pretty stylish and affordable ones on Amazon. Get it here
  4. For the designer: Kinfolk Magazine [$60/1 year] 5 Subscription GIft Ideas for Men | SPIRITPLATEKinfolk is a design and slow-living magazine based in Copenhagen. Like the Darling magazine, this one is great for a coffee table collection, with stories from around the world with a focus on design and innovation’s impact on better living. Get it here
  5. For the foodie: Try the World [$39 per box] 5 Subscription GIft Ideas for Men | SPIRITPLATEThere are plenty of snack boxes and artisan ingredient boxes our there, but none that allow you to travel the world through your tastebuds. Every two months, the recipient gets 7-9 items curated by international chefs from a specific country. Past boxes include Spain, Thailand, and Sweden. Currently, they’re running a Holiday Box which features festive items from all over the globe. Get it here

That’s it! Happy subscribing! 

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