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Dearest Friends and Family:

Hello and welcome to SPIRITPLATE!

Here you will find our fledgling ideas, thoughts, and recipes inspired by the notion that a plant-powered diet can change the world. We believe eating clean, colorful food nourishes not only your body, but is better for the Earth and all her creatures. We think adopting a plant-based diet is the first step in ethical living, and we’d love to show you how rewarding and fun it can be! 

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We chose to launch our budding site on March 21 in alignment with the Vernal or Spring Equinox, also known as Navroz or Ostara. This is because we feel truly blessed to be able to start something new, and as Navroz is a time to shed the old and ring in the new cycle of life, we thought it was only fitting. 

As such we’d like to welcome you to SPIRITPLATE with a few words that we feel express the excitement and humility we feel upon embarking on this new journey:

This is spring, the season of air, the season of renewal.
Each dawn brings a warmer morning, and the air itself whispers of rebirth.
Blossoms, babies, ideas–it is all one to the air. A beginning is a beginning.
The Earth takes a great breath in, lets it out slowly, and stretches stiff limbs before rising.

We feel a sudden need to slough off what remains of the past, to cleanse ourselves and our surroundings.
It’s time to make way for what will grow in the new year; to till the fertile grounds of our lives and sow our dreams.
The seeds that have waited, dormant, throughout the winter are now pushing down and up, roots and shoots,
bursting through the ground and heralding their arrival with a fanfare of green and gold.

The bare ground is now alive with a riot of pastels.
The urge to leap up, run, and play infects all the young of all the creatures.
Overhead, baby squirrels chatter while their parents streak from branch to branch in noisy celebration
that spring is here at last.
As the days lengthen, new animals rise from the thicket on wobbly legs and totter around,
getting a first taste of the warm air and endless beauty of the earth.

The season of air is one of inspiration, of new plans, and the energy of a deep breath.
Air carries the music of creation, of renewal…
Spring is the morning of the year: a time to yawn, look around, and get ready.

– Dianne Sylvan
“A Meditation on The Wheel of The Year”, The Circle Within: Creating a Wiccan Spiritual Tradition

Peace and joy, 

Nabila and Aly